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항목/카테고리 세계문화유산 유적지, 풍경, 계단식 논
지역 North Bali
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Bali's famous rice terraces, also a World Heritage Site

Jatiiluwih, literally meaning “really beautiful”, is where you can view the picture postcard terraced rice fields Bali is so well known for. The area uses an impressive community-based water control management system and is located in the central coastal regency of Tabanan. The 18 km road winds its way through rural countryside and quaint villages, with local warungs where you can stop for lunch and take in the scenery.

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성명 Jatiluwih Rice Terrace
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주소 Jatiluwih, Tabana, Bali Map
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  • By Impressed! on March 12, 2014

    Beautiful landscape that we've ever seen before... It was like a green carpet forever. There is a cafe to see the rice terrace, so we spend over 2 hours to just see this great view.

    - Impressed!

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주소 Jatiluwih, Tabana, Bali
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